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Sometimes we can all feel a bit sad and blue.

And that's OK.

Yet when these feelings seep into our heart and interfere with our daily life

it can appear scary and confusing.

 Maybe, it is time to think about taking that first step to find a safe, private place where you can speak openly and honestly discovering your way through the challenges you are facing.

My therapy room can give you that space. 

With me, you will find a qualified therapist who will listen to what you want to say, without judgement but with understanding, compassion and acceptance.

We can work together, as you choose to make changes that will ease your distress and give you back control of your life.

Supporting You Through These Trying Times

I am able to offer personal sessions, during current COVID restrictions. I am adaptable and can work in a variety of remote ways:-

By Telephone, Secure Video Chat or Text.

Hopefully we can find a way you are comfortable using to connect when face-to-face support is not the best option. 

Meet Me

I'm Alison

Many events have led me to this point, not least sitting on the client’s chair. I chose counselling when I wanted to talk to someone who wasn’t directly involved in my life and would be there for me. Someone who would listen without judgement, offer encouragement as I tried to come to terms with how awful I was feeling and walk beside me as I made changes in my life.


One decision I made was to train as a counsellor, I felt it was my turn to provide you with time and space to heal.

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